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[OTA-Open] Firefly Skies by Deamonsin-7
[OTA-Open] Firefly Skies
I don't wanna give him up, i want him to be part of my hoard. 7w7 buuuuuut i really should get some adoptables out there too.

Here we are! The first of hopefully many adoptable pygmygons 7w7
Ok! Making this an offer to adopt pygmygon? But if i don't find anything i really like, i'll probably keep him? Because he is so freaking adorable.

What to offer: 
Designs/closed species
Art (will be picky)
aaand that's it. 

Closing in two weeks, or when i find a really good offer. (whichever comes first)
Pygmygons belong to Deamonsin-7 and are a closed species. 
[1/?] Grem Palooza Gift by Deamonsin-7
[1/?] Grem Palooza Gift
This turned out better than i thought it would!? 
Next gift chibi COMING SOON

Grem-> TVCranium (unless it's changed, that's what's on the masterlist)
:icongremcorps: + Grem2's -> MrGremble 
[Temp Ref] MYO Maskcat by Deamonsin-7
[Temp Ref] MYO Maskcat
EEEEEEEH, I FINALY SAVED UP ENOUGH TOKENS TO GET ME ONE. Isn't he adorable?? And he's approved so I can use him now too~
I'll get the official reference done on the template later (possibly tomaro).
Name: Mun? Mune? (Still deciding, but that's what i've been calling him so far.)
Age: ?? maybe 19??
Gender: Male, but will answer to whatever you call him. (Somewhat nb?) 
Personality: He's rather shy and a bit of a clutz, but he tries hard and has a strong heart. He's pretty open-minded and accepting. For the most part he's mellow, and hard to anger, but can get passionate when something really upsets him. Also, he's a bit of a cry-baby and is not very brave.  
Powers: Can create small, warm (or icy cold if he's upset/displeased), personal rain showers, excellent for watering houseplants and small gardens. At least, that is when he doesn't miss and make a big puddle mess. 
Other: He currently lives with his owner, a young artist attempting to make a living off her art but is for now a part-time librarian. Together, they reside in a pleasant cabin in a thick forest, not too far from civilization. Most of Mun's time is spent Gardening and cleaning and taking care of the plants and doing what he can to help out. 
Likes: Gardening, Plants, Getting dirty, Rain.
Dislikes: Baths, Chores, birds. 
Rank: Apprentice? 
Job: Errand cat. (Or: Delivery cat) 

Fun Facts:
He smells vaguely like mint and chamomile.
Pretty strong for his looks. 
His scarf was a present made from the payment for a simple painting by his owner.


Mun -> Me!
:iconmaskcatzplaza: + Maskcatz -> Onigirystuff
Kurt by Deamonsin-7
So.... yeahhhhhh.....what good is making yourself a closed species, if you don't make a design for yourself? Right? 
Soooo meet Kurt. 
He's my lovable, glow-in-the-dark boy of blue. 
He's modeled after a foggy night's drive, just as the sun is setting.

If you want to see more about Pygmygons:

Paused while i eat lunch and stuff. 
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So the fawxington group is having a myo contest and I am so hyped because this is such a freakin cute species!!!
Fxt MYO-ContestSoooo it is very unlikely of me, but i decided for a MYO Contest for the FXT Species!

Please Read the Species Info before you start drawing!

for the traits:

Just feel free to ask if you have questions!
It will end in
one month! ( 23rd of november!)
Folder for your submission:

So go take a look!!

(I reeeeaaaaallly want/need one of these guys and this will probably be my only chance to get one??!! So as a backup plan if i don't win, i'm opening icon commisions for 100 points each and i can do pixels and headshots so message me for examples! I still need about 1000 points more to garentee myself just one design. OH and chibies too. chibies will be 150 points each though. )
  • Mood: Daily Needs


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College student from the U.S. Studying art, I'm looking forward to a career in animation or story boarding, character design, or something of the sort. All my art is done on my laptop using nothing but sai, photoshop, and my mousepad (still trying to save up for an artists' tablet).


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